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Grand River Environmental Action Team

Our River

What's in a Lake? 

Did you know Jackson County is home to 138 lakes? You can kayak in almost all of them! 

Get out there! 

Check out the Quick Guide to Jackson's Waterways for all the hidden gems of Jackson county.

Keep our Waters Native!

We appreciate all the hard work JLW CISMA does to keep invasive species at bay.

Celebrate our Watershed

At 260 miles, the Grand River is longest river in Michigan and the second largest watershed. Jackson County sits on one of the largest aquifers in North America.

There are over 200 miles of river waterways to paddle and hundreds of small lakes. Some of the largest remaining wetlands in lower Michigan are located in this watershed. 

The potential in this area for river and lake recreation is enormous!

Check out the USGS Grand River Gauge for current water levels.

Curious where we've been?

Check out the trip maps to see our usual routes along the Grand River. We always pre-paddle the water trails to make sure they're clear of debris before our public paddles.


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Rives Junction, MI 49277


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